New Year, new steps towards sustainable living

I rarely make New Year resolutions. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I made them or in fact I can’t recall any resolution that I’ve ever made.

But this year, I decided to make a resolution.

However, the resolution isn’t to start going to the gym, learn a new language or travel to ten new countries.

Instead, I will do my best to introduce more sustainable practices to my lifestyle.

Over the years I was slowly introducing different ways to decrease my ecological footprint. I started almost a decade ago with becoming a vegetarian and then introducing small steps like getting a reusable water bottle or shopping bags. Last year I started to grow my own herbs and vegetables while living in an apartment block in a city. Thanks to this I have avoided a lot of plastic in which they are usually packaged. I also learnt a lot about functions of different herbs and I even started some attempts on DIYing cosmetics.

This year I decided to focus on minimizing the use of plastic and chemicals in my cleaning regime and using as many natural or homemade cosmetics as possible.

The first part of my New Year resolution is to exchange as many cleaning products for ecological ones or, even better, wherever possible get or make them waste-free. Lemon, baking soda and vinegar are going to become my new best friends! 🍋

The second part is to avoid plastic waste and harmful to environment cosmetic and hygiene products. I already use some of the hacks (like making a body peeling from coffee ground or making face masks from clay) and products (for example reusable shaver and menstrual cup), so I’m looking forward to going next level.

Another resolution I have is to give more time to Climatales project.

Unfortunately, stretching the time is an ability our team hasn’t mastered yet, so we’re looking for Climatales contributors to help us spread the sustainable tales. If you enjoy interviewing amazing people, writing great stories, or managing social media, please reach out to me via

I’m excited for the next chapter of my personal sustainability journey this year.

And how about you? Are you planning to be more sustainable this year?

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