about us

Climatales is the platform where we tell stories of those who strive for sustainability and a positive change in society.

We bring you stories of green initiatives by people next door, purpose-driven startups and businesses, thinkers, authors and more.

Our goal is to be one of the agents who discuss the sustainable change and gives space to the people out there making it happen. So when another time you hear someone saying that one cannot do anything for sustainability, you have a counterargument – a link to Climatales, the place that shows that the sustainable change is here.

Climatales is a project created by green minds – Aga, Ieva and Diego. Together we combine a passion and knowledge of sustainability and communication, and the belief that the time of change and sharing it is now.

We are happy to get in contact with you! Please let us know if you know of any interesting initiatives which we should feature on our site.

Reach us via email: climatales@gmail.com or our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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