24-hour run for the forest with Patrick Scheel

When I saw Patrick Scheel on his social media profiles posting about his birthday plan to run for 24 hours on a track to collect donations with WWF for protecting forests, it blew my mind. 24 hours? Non-stop? And on the sunny midday of the last November day, he made it – not only completed … More

Can business be sustainable? Interview with Ellen Pabst von Ohain

Since a few decades Ellen Pabst von Ohain, New Yorker based in Germany, has been doing business and consulting other small and medium enterprises on marketing, strategy, and sustainable communications as well as teaching sustainability classes to business students. So it is easy to guess that we talked about sustainability in private sector – how have the … More

Rethinking the waste: ocean plastic for surfboards

I met Luise Wunner in the beginning of 2019 in the business school I used to work, where she was teaching a BA Entrepreneurship class. I was happy to meet a business lecturer who integrates sustainability in her professional life and even happier to hear the story of her and her partner’s startup in Australia “Five Oceans”, which is tackling plastic pollution.

One step at a time – Andrea’s personal path to sustainability

It all started in 2016 when I was living in London together with a flatmate who was already living in the way that I still strive to. She was always avoiding chemicals and plastics, using vegan cosmetics, and so on. Her whole house was organised in a sustainable way and it really inspired me. I thought – if she can make it, I can make it too!

hi! from Aga

Welcome to a place full of sustainability stories.

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